I’m Not Anti-Social It’s Just Business

I’m Not Anti-Social It’s Just Business

Ok, I admit sometimes I have to be anti-social to be successful.  When you have to do everything as a solopreneur every spare moment has to be recovered for work time. It’s just business!

It's Just Business.
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As I’m writing this I am sitting in the entryway of my daughter’s school while she’s in archery class. I am away from the other parents who are happily (passively aggressively) conversing about their children’s successes (too snarky?).

Don’t fret though, I was able to watch a few minutes of her archery practice through the window even though parents aren’t really supposed to watch. I’m not shirking my mom duties.

During these two hours, while I appear to be anti-social, I managed to write seven blog posts and schedule twelve social media posts.  All things I would have had to fit in my schedule somewhere, so why not when I’m not sacrificing time with my family?

To me, it’s worth the judgment of the other parents who might think I’m antisocial so that I don’t lose my time with my daughter who in the long run is the only opinion of me that matter.

If you’re a solopreneur or a mompreneur (or both) then choose the anti-social path.  You will feel far more balanced in the long run since your work will be getting done and you will have time to spend with your family.

You can always socialize with the parents during breaks at the choir concerts, birthday parties, and other events when you absolutely cannot be working.  But during practices and other weekly events take yourself out of the social merry-go-round and get on top of that wildly large stack of to-do’s I know you have.

Just a suggestion from me!

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