Falling Into The Social Media Trap

Falling Into The Social Media Trap

It happened again today. To be honest it happens just about every weekend when I’m relaxing because it’s the only time I have to scroll through YouTube and other social media channels.

Falling Into The Trap
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One of the YouTubers I follow is celebrating another growth milestone. Her second large leap in only a few weeks. She is someone I like very much so I was really happy for her. Up to a point.

Yep, you know where this goes down the comparison rabbit hole. Quietly my brain rapid fires questions at me. Why is she growing faster than you? Is she doing something you should be doing?

I started obsessing over the tags she was using in her videos, what her subjects were, how many she was putting out per week – my entire morning was sucked up trying to figure out why she was doing better than me.

Oh Lord, please give me those hours back and slap the crap out of me for thinking that way.

I finally came to my senses when I realized; I’m not her.  How simple is that? What she’s doing I can’t do what she does. Nor do I want to. If I tried I wouldn’t succeed because it would come across as fake and I think people can tell when your heart isn’t in something.

I know I’m not the only one who does this. You might be there yourself right now.

I think we need to shut off our social media feeds for awhile and remember that we’re pretty great too. That there’s probably someone out there who is comparing themselves to us.

No matter where you are in life there’s always someone doing more than you, better than you, but it’s okay to just be you. So I am going to just be me. My channel will grow at the pace it grows, which I still think is frustratingly slow, but it is growth. I’m going to keep being goofy old me and enjoy what I’m doing. 

I hope you enjoy who you are too. 

One thought on “Falling Into The Social Media Trap

  1. absolutely fantastic. I totally agree. We don’t need to compare, we are ALL just trying to make it in this world. We need to enjoy being who we are, and give HER a break.(wasted energy) We don’t know what kind of struggles she dealt with to get where she is anyway.
    I love your silliness and how much you enjoy being you.
    Your daughter loves spending time with you too.
    one last thing.
    You make YouTube fun. I have started toying with the idea of starting a channel. Because of you! So thanks.

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