F-Ugly to Lovely

F-Ugly to Lovely

I have a little owl habit.  Whew! I said it. So glad to get that off my chest.  Now that you know I can show you.

OwlSo I keep picking up these little ceramic guys. I find them at garage sales, and thrift stores all the time. Usually they’re between  $1 and $4 but I won’t pay $4 for them. Seriously? Why would a thrift store think he’s worth $4? Thrift store are getting a little price crazy but that’s another post (or rant either way).

Anyway, I keep buying them not because I think they’re cute like they are but they become cute with a quick spritz of  Rustoleum 2x.  See how adorable he is! blue owl

So I’ve done this trick before.  Initially, I painted one white and a friend of mine wanted it, so I gave it to her.  Then I painted one red and my mom wanted that one for her patio so I gave it to her.

The blue guy here turned out to be a favorite of someone else, so you guessed it – gone.

black owlThis time I painted the little guy black. So far no one has asked me for him but if they wanted him I would probably give him up too.  Why not they keep coming back to me and I can make them any color I want.

So the next time so see an ugly owl or any other ceramic trinket that’s seen prettier days pick it up and give it a little love.  Just not if it’s $4.  Seriously, I can’t get over that.  Really?