DIY Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Wreath: How to Create a Stunning Decoration Using Dollar Tree Supplies

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Wreath: How to Create a Stunning Decoration Using Dollar Tree Supplies

Transform your front door with a stylish and budget-friendly DIY Valentine’s Day wreath using items from the dollar store. This simple tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful wreath using supplies from Dollar Tree, such as ribbon, foam hearts, and artificial flowers, to make a stunning Valentine’s Day decoration that will impress your guests and show off your crafting skills.

I originally created this wreath on my YouTube channel. We’re always creating fun projects on my channel so you should join us! It’s a really fun community. On to the DIY Dollar Tree Valentine’s wreath!

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine’s Wreath

The nice thing about this dollar tree heart form is that it’s a two-fer. Since I only plan on using the large heart form for my wreath I can set the small one aside for another project. Or if you wanted to you could make a second smaller wreath like the large one. It’s totally up to you but for me I’m just making one.

Supplies List:

  • Glue Gun and glue
  • Heart form
  • Foam roses
  • Ribbon

First clean off the original shiny stuff. I don’t like the look of this stuff. It feels really cheap to me so this is one of the times I’m not planning to reuse something I remove from a piece. Once I started to unwrap the heart form I discovered these little nubbins on the heart. I don’t see what purpose they serve. Maybe to keep the metal pompom material from sliding down?

I don’t know what they’re for but I know I didn’t want them on my wreath. So I grabbed a clipper and started clipping them off. Since the form is plastic they came off easily. Once they were gone it was time to wrap the heart.

I chose a ribbon that was the same color as my roses. This way if any of the wreath form showed through the flowers it would blend in and not be noticed. I glued strategically in spots around the form so the ribbon didn’t end up sagging which might happen over time if you wrap something without gluing. Also, I found it more manageable to cut the ribbon into shorter lengths. It seemed to help the process for better for me, but you do what works for you.

Next it’s time to glue the roses on. Here are a couple tips before you begin:

  1. Because the roses are made of foam us the low heat setting on your glue gun. If you don’t you will melt the foam.
  2. Start at the middle. Put a rose at the point at the top and the point at the bottom FIRST. That way your roses will all be centered. Trust me they feel off otherwise.

After taking all that into consideration, glue away. When using this exact wreath form you will need 4 packages of the foam roses from Dollar Tree. You’ll be able to snug the roses up close to each other.

This process is one of those zen moments. You can put an audiobook on (I love audiobooks) or put a movie on and work your way around the wreath. It’s peaceful to me to craft like this.

Once you’ve completed the entire wreath, you have a decision to make. I personally loved the simplicity of this wreath as it is. But if you want you could add baby’s breadth, or other embellishments that fit your style. I won’t judge. If you want to add sparkles then you should! Make your wreath personal and beautiful to you and don’t let anyone tell you different.

When you’re satisfied with your wreath add a ribbon to the hanging loop and hang your gorgeous new wreath!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on creating a DIY Valentine’s Day wreath using items from Dollar Tree. If you were inspired to make your own wreath, be sure to share your final product with me on Instagram or Facebook! I would love to see your unique take on this craft. Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends and family who are also looking for a fun and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day decoration. Together, let’s spread the love and inspire others to get creative with their own DIY projects.

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