Decorating with Garage Sale Finds

Decorating with Garage Sale Finds

So you have a small budget to redesign your room? You can still get the style you want by decorating with garage sale finds.

First I have to tell you something. The women on the OG’s side of the family have an incredible sense of style. For those of you who don’t watch my YouTube channel might not know the OG is my Dad. His two sisters both have amazing design eyes.

I was visiting with my Aunt Jeri this past weekend and she gave me a tour of the changes she’s made in her home. It was stunning. I was particularly taken with her three season porch. It was stunning.

Porch Decorated with Garage Sale treasures

It reminded me of a sunny cottage style. I loved every in of the space.

That’s when she dropped the bomb. Everything except the rug was purchased at garage sale or was found on the side of the road.

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Be still my heart! I’ve always said that decorating with garage sale finds is the only way to go but this room is next level!

Cafe set found at garage sale

I couldn’t help but be nosey. I asked what the total cost of the room was. Including the paint to unify all the pieces $300. The most expensive piece being the sofa for $75, which is a bargain for a sofa this beautiful!

Side chair found at garage sale

Can you believe an entire room like this for $300?

view from the sofa

Decorating with garage sale finds and road side rescues requires patients and the ability to see past ugly paint or stain to what the pieces could be.

Coffee table found at garage sale

It also take a little elbow grease. You have to be willing to sand, paint and distress until you’re happy with each piece. But look at the results!

wicker chair purchased at garage sale

Necessity is the Mother of Invention When Decorating with Garage Sale Finds!

Auntie Jeri then stole my heart again when she confided in me that she had needed to cover the original sofa cushion in a hurry so she just used two king sized pillow cases. It looked so good she didn’t bother to replace the cushion. The only tell tale sign is a seam that I had to get right on top of to notice.

The gap in the cushion

What a great way to innovate!

Tips for Decorating with Garage Sale Find in Your Home!

If you’re inspired to makeover your room using garage sale finds, here are some tips for finding the best pieces!

  • Shop Often – You might get lucky and find everything you’ve been dreaming of on one weekend. But chances are it will take a few weekends.
  • Get up early – I know you want to sleep in on Saturday. If you do you could miss out on one of those amazing pieces like my Aunt’s sofa.
  • Target high end neighborhoods – You can absolutely find good stuff all over. I know I shop sales all the time. Profiling more affluent neighborhoods mean higher end home decor. If you have an Anthro aesthetic but a Target budge start profiling your sales.
  • Get comfortable with picking up garbage. My aunt, like me, is perfectly comfortable pulling over and loading furniture into our cars. Not everyone is. If you’re embarrassed by the idea try to over come it. I find some unique piece on the side of the road.
  • Unify with paint! Look past the ugly at the shape of the pieces. If the size and shape is right then paint all the pieces to match.

Don’t Let Budget Hold You Back

Now that you’ve seen what can be accomplished, don’t let a tight budget stop you from creating the room of your dreams.

If you need more inspiration you can always watch my garage sale and thrift haul on my YouTube Channel!

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Decorating with Garage Sale Finds

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  1. Your aunt did an amazing job of furnishing and decorating her porch with garage sale and free on the side of the road finds. It looks like a wonderful spot to relax.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the eclectic style and decorating with thrifted or yard sale finds. The room is beautiful, she has great vision.

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