Christmas for Free Possible Stumbling blocks

Christmas for Free Possible Stumbling blocks

Here’s where I think this experiment could go sideways and how I intend to combat these problems.

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  • Apathy – I tend to get lazy and not scan receipts on time.  Since most have a deadline I might miss out on money. How will I combat this? I will try to scan receipts right when I get home or possibly in the car while waiting for the kid to get out of school.
  • Apps going out of business – this has happened to me twice already How will I combat this? There’s no way to control this so I will pout about it and then move on.
  • Expiring points – happens a lot when saving points and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How will I combat this?  If I know points are going to expire (I’m looking at you Balance Rewards) then I will use the money that is there to get a gift card or cashout so I don’t loose it.  I will then have to set that aside for Christmas.
  • Forgetting to ask for a receipt – this is a big one in my house How will I combat this? I’m going to become a receipt harpy.
  • Remembering – to shop through the programs when online, to activate an app coupon before shopping or turning on Shopkicks when walking into a store How will I combat this? I’ve installed the Ebates tool bar which has already saved me money and caught a few cash backs I would have forgotten about.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about Shopkicks.

So has anyone joined me yet?  How’s it going out there in savings land?

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