Christmas for Free November Update

Christmas for Free November Update

Well so far I have forgotten to scan A LOT of receipts.  {{Sigh}}  But! I only forgot to ask for one.Christmas For Free Monthly Progress

For this year I had earned $55 from Walgreens Balance Rewards so I’ve cashed in all but $5.  That’s where I will begin next year’s balance.

My FetchRewards balance is at 1,868 points

Checkout 51 my balance is now $7.55

Ibotta my balance is now $1.05 (that’s just disappointing – I expected more on this one)

SavingsStar my balance is now $0.50 sent me $2.25 via PayPal immediately.  I still have to figure out how I’m going to set that aside.

Receipt Hog I have 486 coins

Shopkick I have 591 points thanks to a delayed prescription

Ebates I have $6.32 thanks to some holiday Groupon shopping

MobieSave Nothing.  I said not to expect too much from this one. I wasn’t kidding, I think this app is going the way of the Dodo bird

Not a bad start.  Yes, I stumbled at the beginning but I’m getting better about asking for a receipt (so is my hubby by the way – I didn’t have to be a harpy for too long).  If you coming along on this journey with me I’d love to hear from you! Post your comments below and let me know how you’re doing with your savings.