Cheap 5×7 Area Rugs That Are Amazing

Cheap 5×7 Area Rugs That Are Amazing

Cheap 5×7 Area rugs are essential if you have kids, pets, or a really tight budget. I found amazing rugs at a great price!

Before the pandemic hit we finished 98% of our unfinished basement. Only the new spare room remained unfinished needing closet doors and trim done.

Cheap 5x7 Area Rugs with Amazing Style
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I wasn’t going to let that 2% prevent me from moving into my new family room. I’ve been dreaming of this room and planning for it for 15 years!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to shop like I normally would for furniture and other home Decor items. Luckily I have been collecting (my husband calls and hoarding) pieces over the last few (15) years to decorate this space. Between those pieces and my inventory, I could get the bones of the basement in place so we could use it.

Except for an area rug. I don’t deal in vintage area rugs because there is so much to know about those lovely pieces and I don’t have the expertise. I also wouldn’t want to put one of those expensive pieces in my family room because I never want my house to be a museum. I want kids to be able to play without worrying about damaging the rugs and I don’t want that stress for me either.

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So I had to find a new cheap area rug. And because the room is so large I wanted two 5 x 7 rugs to create two separate areas one for the movie/TV area and one for my reading/games area.

I checked the usual sources Home Depot, Amazon, and Target and the cheapest I could find that I liked were $100. For two I needed $200 was out of my budget for now but I still needed the rugs. The room was like an echo chamber without something to absorb the sound.


My Cheap 5x7 Area Order
My Cheap 5×7 Area Order

After scouring the Internet looking for something with the style I want it at a price I could afford I was coming up empty. That’s when I happened on I was able to get two beautiful, high style 5 x 7 area rugs for $39 & $49. When I looked in my cart I was stunned to see they gave me a 10% discount for ordering two rugs. Total for both $85.04 (sales tax pushed it up over $80) with FREE shipping. 

I couldn’t believe it! of course, has a range of prices and their larger rugs cost more (not much more), but 5 x 7 is what I wanted. Their flash deals can go as low as $19 for an area rug. 

I ordered two navy blue area rugs and they shipped right away. They arrived in three days, tightly rolled, and wrapped in plastic.

I was worried that they would feel really cheap because they were really cheap, but nope.

My Cheap 5x7 Area Rug unrolled
My Cheap 5×7 Area Rug unrolled

They are the same quality as a living room rug a 5 x 7 I purchased at Target several months ago.

Whatever your reason for wanting a cheap 5 x 7 area rug kids, pets, budget  check out you won’t be sorry!

Have you been looking for an cheap rug? Tell me about your decorating adventures!

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