August Christmas for Free Update

August Christmas for Free Update

Yes, I know I missed and month of update. In my defense I have none. Yes, I am busy. I’ve been getting ready for Junk Bonanza with all the speed of a sloth. I’m way behind on everything it seems.

But I didn’t want to go another month without updating your on the Christmas for Free progress. We’re getting too close to drop the ball now.

There’s a new app this month

I did want to let you know that I added a new app.  This whole experiment has been fluid from the beginning with some apps falling away and now a new one coming on board.

The new app that I was told about by a fellow TikTok-er is Brand Club.  If you’re a loyal brand user, which for moth things I am not, this is a great app to download.  I don’t have a ton of brands that I’m loyal to but when I love something like my New Balance shoes, or my Dunkin Original blend coffee I’m a fan for life.  Brand Club rewards you for this fandom. In the 2 months that I’ve been using it I’ve already unlocked $34.92 in rewards. I have another $58.43 in locked rewards that I can still potentially earn if I buy more products. It’s a weird app in that I’m not qualified to explain all the nuances of. It’s best to read how it works on their app page.  I like that it’s simple to use. It connects to my accounts like Amazon, Target, and Chewy and once every couple of weeks I search for rewards and it gives me money. If you sign up from my referral link we both earn $10 so that’s a win!

Brand club august christmas for fee

Here are the rest of the August Christmas for Free totals

Ibotta has been a bit slow for me lately. Only because I haven’t been grocery shopping. I need to do another shop soon but I had filled my pantry and freezer so we were good for awhile.  I’m currently at $180.57.

Fetch Rewards Referal Code GB0QJ has been giving points steadily but again not shopping a lot so only in small 25 point increments.  I currently have $70.00 in points available to me.

Receipt Hog is finally at the $15.00 level!  Slow and steady my friends and every dollar counts.

POGO has been growing a bit because it gives me points not just for purchases but also my bill payments.  I currently have $9.53.

pogo August christmas for Free experiment

Upside has had very disappointing offers lately. I’m not going to turn away any cash back but we went from routinely getting 9-10 dollars back now down to $4 this month. Still I’m at $91.14 total for this app.

Upside August Christmas for free

Shopkicks – Referal Code: SAVE725778 is another one I’m not doing much with because I haven’t been to the store. The ferver of shopping has died down quite a bit even with back to school now that the economy has soured. I did most of my shopping online to avoid having to use gas to get supplies so I only have $5 on ShopKick.

Target Circle I have $6.05 which is wonderful. We did buy back to school clothes at Target and that’s where most of the increases came from.  I also have $25 in gift cards from purchase cash backs available to me so $31.05 total at Target.

Target circle earnings

So in total for the last two months I’ve earned an additional $106.45 added to the $330.76 and we have a grand total of $437.21!  Wooooooo Hooooo! I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s the August Christmas for Free Totals!

Are you ready to join me? Sign up through my links to get bonuses from each app!

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