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April Christmas for FREE Update

April Christmas for FREE Update
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Well, it’s finally May and here in Minnesota it’s just now getting warm.  It will be the latest ice out in some parts of the state ever!  Brutal winter this year and I for one am glad it’s over.  But enough of that.

April was a good month as far as cash back earnings went.  I mentioned last month that I figured it would be based on the items the various apps had on offer.  I knew I’d buy the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00JPFSTDG’ text=’Downy Wrinkle Releaser’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’1512′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1625d933-4d7d-11e8-a8f3-ab7e6b8609ca’], which seriously I can’t live without.  I would look like the hot mess I am without it and now I can just be a hot mess on the inside.

There were two hiccups this month that I absolutely want to mention so that if you are following along with me you’re aware of what can happen.

The first issue was with, SavingsStarSavingsStar frequently has promotions that run over an extended period of time where if you purchase a certain dollar amount of a product you will receive a higher rebate back.  For instance, this month they had a $3 rebate if you purchased $8 in Musselman’s Applesauce.  This is fairly easy for me to accomplish because my little one eats applesauce like it’s her job. Cinninomin applesauce to be exact so I knew we would reach this level.  The only problem is they ran other rebates for the same product during this time and I submitted a receipt that included 2 large jars of applesauce (no extra rebate) and 1 package of lunch pack individual servings (extra 75 cents rebate).  When I submitted the receipt only the lunch pack applesauce was added to my running total, not the 2 large jars which would complete the $8 requirement.  I contacted SavingsStar and this was immediately fixed by their great customer service department and my total is now:

The second issue is with Walmart Savings Catcher – initially, I was excited about savings catcher because it saved me time running around to different stores or standing at customer service waiting for price matches.  Now I’m a little hesitant.  On the 17th I made a shopping run to Walmart and purchased two separate items I knew were on BOGO at a store less than a mile away.  Since this Walmart had price matched this store in the past I felt confident that I would get the BOGO offer at Walmart.  The receipt is still pending.  Six other receipts before and after this particular receipt have been processed already so I’m curious as to what will happen here. Stay tuned.  As it is I now have $10.91 cash back from Savings Catcher.  Hopefully, by next month this will take a $5 jump or more.

Other than that there weren’t any issues.  I now have a whopping $91.23 on the various apps which if you’re keeping track means 2 family members now have Christmas gifts coming for $0 out of my pocket.  I also have $35 currently available at Walgreens towards stocking stuffers so woo hoo!

Here’s how the other programs stack up:

Checkout 51 – This app had the Downy rebate which I took advantage of and I needed butter but not a bunch more. I’m really dismayed that they haven’t had their fresh selections lately. I used to be able to count a few pennies for fruit or veggies. Oh well.

checkout 51 aprill update
Checkout 51 April Balance

Receipt Hog -quite a few more points this month because you can scan every receipt you get. I also won a bunch of points on a slot pull. Right now my points total has earned me $5 but at 2,900 points this becomes $10. Nearly there!

Receipt Hog Total for April
Receipt Hog Total for April

Ibotta – a nice little jump in April. Over $7 but there still didn’t seem to be a lot that I was purchasing. I did run into a frustrating development. On the home screen, there was a Secret deodorant rebate which I use and happened to need this month. I saw the rebate but didn’t notice it was a Walmart only offer and I happened to be at Target. Ugh! Lesson learned.

ibotta April Total
ibotta April Total

Fetch Rewards – Referal Code GB0QJ We both get 1500 points for the referral – love them! Every grocery receipt is fair game on this one and will net you 25 points or more. At this level, I qualify for a $10 gift card. At 25k in points, I’ll be up to a $25 gift card.

Fetch Rewards April Update
Fetch Rewards April Update – nothing this month. So frustrating. They had Zyrtec available after I purchased mine but before buying my daughters. The rebate wasn’t good on children’s Zyrtec. So many others coupons that didn’t qualify for one reason or another including making a purchase at a store not approved by them. Like the ibotta coupons are good at this store but not another which is frustrating. I’m going back to using paper coupons from them.  At least then I know a manufacturers coupon will be accepted at any of the stores I frequent and if there’s an outstanding sale on something I need I can still stack a paper coupon.  Their app has been a real disappointment.

ShopkickReferal Code: SAVE725778 what we get both of us get 250 points for the referral – adult Pokémon! I had some time to kill waiting for my daughter to get out of school one day and ramped up my earnings. Of course, there are the walk-in kicks which I admit I’ve been forgetting. Until I hear someone else using the app. Believe me, you will know the sound and it’s a great reminder!

ShopKick April Total
ShopKick April Total

Ebates – this one makes me chuckle. I needed some photos enlarged quickly so I had them sent to Walgreens. I LOVE their coupon feature on the toolbar! If you’re not using it you should be. It saved me $11 on this purchase in addition to this little bit back. Next month will probably pop up to a payout level because we’ve decided to cut the cord and will be enrolling in HULU live through ebates which give you $25 back. Stay tuned!

Ebates total for April
Ebates total for April

Walgreens Balance Rewards – $35 in rewards as of this month!  They had some fantastic bonus points for allergy medicine purchases and since my whole family starts sniffling and sneezing this time of year we were able to take advantage.  I also received a 20x points coupon one day when I was picking up a prescription that I was able to use which brought my total over the top.

Recyclebank –  This one has points earned for learning about recycling and I plan to use the points for coupons and discounts but I used a few this month to get a magazine subscription for free.  My current points balance is 1,065

Kellogs Family Rewards – I have 17,923 points.  They have coupons, gift cards, and goods that I can get for this at Christmas.  I’m excited but I don’t know yet what I’ll get or who it will be for.

Shutterfly The App – What we get for the referral we both receive an 8×8 photo book free! – I have received a few freebies that I’ve set aside for gifts but I can’t tell you about them because that would spoil the recipient’s surprise.  I will say they recently had a free phone cover, free notebooks, free coasters, and free puzzles.  If you don’t have the app get it and enable the notifications. Ever weekend (no lie EVERY weekend) there are free items to customize.  Just pay for shipping.

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