All-City Garage Sale Yield Massive Haul on Junking with Stacy

All-City Garage Sale Yield Massive Haul on Junking with Stacy

Nothing better than a good All-City Garage Sale!

When you’re in the vintage selling business you can’t run to your local distributor to pick up inventory.  You become a picker.

Thanks to the popularity of shows like American Picker people now know what that is.  On the flip side thanks to shows like that everyone has increased their prices at garage sales near major cities to full on retail levels and competition has become fierce.

That means to make a profit and find vintage items that haven’t been picked over I now have to travel a lot further to find items for the shop.

Join me as I travel from my small town to an even smaller town in the country.

This small town was having their annual all-city garage sale.  I love these types of sales because it means maximizing the amount of inventory acquired in a very short amount of time. It’s a lot of  hard work.

With my #1 junking buddy in tow and for the first time my Mother-In-Law (who found this to be an eye-opening event) we go hunting for treasures!

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