A Review of Leap Frog: The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs

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I just finished listening to the audiobook of Leap Frog: The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs by Natalie Molina Nina.  I prefer to consume business books on audio. As an author myself I prefer the books to be read by

Leap Frog: The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs
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the author, which this was because I believe that only the author can convey the nuances of their books the way they should be told.  Makes sense, I mean they wrote the book – they should be the most passionate about their topic.

Leap Frog: The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs is THE book for Female Entrepreneurs.  I’m not saying that to be sales-ee. I’m saying that because I devour books including business books and this is the first “business” book that has made me pick up my pen and furiously scribble notes more than once.  Unlike other business books that are thinly veiled self-help feel good books presented with the underlying message of just work harder and you’ll get through, Leap Frog offers practical advice for jumping over the obstacles (hence Leap Frog) and using the resources you have as a woman to get to the top of your field. Without a nest egg to back you or the right connections.

While there was plenty to feel inspired by in this book, it was more about feeling energized to take the next steps in my business and to figure out what I could do to overcome the hurdles I’ve been facing in my own business.  Believe me there has been a lot.

Leap Frog: The New Revolution For Women Entrepreneurs is More Than Inspiration

But Natalie didn’t leave me just inspired.  After reading Leap Frog I had filled five pages with notes. My brain was flooded with ideas on what the next steps should be.  That has never happened to me when reading a business book before. That’s why I feel like this is THE book for Female Entrepreneurs because Natalie spoke to me as a woman on what my strengths would be and how I could leverage them to make my business more successful.

I’m not saying this will automatically make my business a success because I still have to do the work.  There’s no magic formula that comes with just reading the pages. But at least I have some ideas. I think I need to give the book a second listen just to be sure I caught everything.  I frequently had to stop the audio book when I realized I was making notes. The paper copy will probably make it’s way into my library so I can have it as a reference guide. 

If you’re in business, starting a business, or want to start a business this is your must read book.  You’ll probably find yourself scribbling notes too. If you do read this book please comment down below and let me know your thoughts.  I would love to talk to others who have read it.

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