5 Posts to Spark Your Creativity for National Creativity Month

5 Posts to Spark Your Creativity for National Creativity Month

January is National Creativity month! It makes sense since many of us are stuck inside during the winter months. It’s a perfect time to get creative projects underway.

Are you feeling stuck in a creative rut? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Our creative juices run dry from time to time (yes, even mine). To help spark some creativity, I’ve rounded up five inspiring blog posts from the archives to help get the creative juices flowing.

Use these posts as a jumping off point or copy them completely. Whatever it takes to flex your creative muscles! Let’s get started and get your creativity back in full swing!

5 Creative Post for Creativity Month!

1) Leather Painted Shoes!

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This is one of my all-time favorite projects painting boots! I painted these boots for my daughter using Angelus Leather paints. It’s a fun, easy project that anyone can do. Of course you don’t have to paint booths. Paint a fun pattern on a part of dress shoes, customize your running shoes, or even a leather handbag. It can revive a piece you thought was bound for the donation pile.

2) Upcycle and old fabric purse

Using Jacquard Fabric Paint

I know this is very similar to the painting boots post above but this one is painting fabric accessories Jacquard fabric paints. It’s an easy project anyone can do and it refreshes an out of date purse. It will definitely spark your creativity. Fair warning though once you start you’ll want to customize everything.

3) Napkin Decoupage

How to Decoupage with Napkins

Yes! Napkin decoupage is one of my favorite creative activities. I have decoupaged everything from Easter eggs to my business card holder. It’s a fun craft for creatives of all ages.

4) Thrift Flips!

Thrift Store Flip

My YouTube channel is full of thrift flips so you know I love them. They’re amazing because unlike going to the craft store and spending $200 only to find out you don’t like a craft or project, at the thrift store you spend a few dollars which is freeing. You can try new paint or drawing techniques without feeling the need to be perfect. Let your creativity flow!

5) Decorate A Shelf!

how to decorate a shelf

This project requires no money out of pocket! Pick a shelf in your home that needs a refresh and follow a few pro tips to make your shelfs creative and gorgeous!

Time to get creative!

January is Creativity Month, a time to appreciate our creative abilities and to recognize how creativity has been used to relief stress and solve problems. During this month explore different ways to express your creativity. Think outside the box. Create something new or pick up an old project.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope that you found it something to spark your creativity.

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