4 Best Places to Visit in the South

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If you have never visited the southern parts of the United States, you are truly missing out. From delicious food to friendly locals, what’s not to like about the South? One of the best ways to see the South is by taking a road trip. Driving, as opposed to flying, allows you to really take in the scenery and make stops along the way, so you can live like a local and visit some of the most beloved spots. If you’re planning a trip down South, here are four of the best places to visit.

Little Rock, AR

As the capital city of Arkansas, Little Rock definitely lives up to  Little Rock is also the state’s largest municipality, with almost 200,000 owning their own piece of Little Rock real estate. When it comes to places to visit in Little Rock, there is never a shortage of fun things to do and sights to see. One of the most popular points of interest in Little Rock is the Pinnacle Mountain State Park, where visitors can take in the beauty of the outdoors by hiking, biking, or simply sitting back and enjoying the scenery. Besides Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Little Rock is also home to a thriving downtown area, where tons of incredible bars, restaurants, and shops can be found.

Athens, GA

Athens, Georgia is predominantly known for being a college town, with two major bands getting their start there – R.E.M. and the B-52’s. Because of this, Athens is a popular place to catch live music, and this city is home to several amazing music venues. Athens is a great place to visit for a fun night out on the town, as the city is home to many popular bars and restaurants. For some daytime fun, stop in for a visit at the Georgia Museum of Art and experience the works of Georgia O’Keefe and many others.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina is one of those towns that looks like it was plucked right out of a movie. In fact, the hit late-90s TV show Dawson’s Creek was actually filmed in Wilmington! If you’re looking for a new place to visit on vacation, Wilmington is definitely worth a shot. Kick back and enjoy the water at the famous Wilmington Riverwalk, or check out the city’s many coffee shops and restaurants for some local flavor. 

Oxford, Mississippi 

Much like Wilmington, Oxford, Mississippi is one of the most idyllic towns in the South. Oxford is full of Southern charm and makes the perfect vacation destination if you’re looking to head South. One of the things Oxford is most known for is being the home of the University of Mississippi, or “Ole Miss”, as sports fans call it. If sports aren’t your thing, there is still plenty to do in Oxford, from beautiful scenery to many wonderful bars, restaurants, and cafes.