About Us

Welcome to Peony Lane Designs!

We’re a mother and daughter team who have been re-loving junk since as long as we can remember.  We always get asked how we can see through the ugly to the beauty behind our pieces. That’s why we’ve wanted to do a blog for a long time, but for whatever reason the time wasn’t right. But now it is, so here we are.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us as we show you our successes and our failures (yes, there will be those). We’ll share with you what we’ve learned and hopefully help you with your own projects.

Please note Peony Lane is a place of harmony and not hatred.  Trolls will not be tolerated and all comments will be moderated.  If you want to spread hate please find somewhere else to be and we wish you well.

If you want to be here you must be respectful of other commentators and of us. Do unto others is a rule here. If you can live with that then you are so very welcome to be here.


The two of us

Here we are with our Junk Bonanza Tickets. We were so excited that day. All that junk in one place! Heaven.

Margaret and Stacy